Barcelona accesible beaches

Barcelona accesible beaches


The accessible swimming service on the beaches of Barcelona includes a series of equipment so that people with different types of dysfunctions can enjoy the beach.

The service has the following equipment

  • Amphibious chairs
  • Accessible shade areas
  • Flotation aid elements
  • Amphibious crutches
  • Accessible toilets
  • Adapted showers

In addition, the space has trained personnel to be able to provide all possible help to users.

Some of the users have motor problems, other cognitive problems but all can, with a little help, enjoy the water safely.

Almost 100 people enjoy this service every day on the beaches of Barcelona.

It is important to note that Accessibility is not just having an amphibious chair, it is a global concept that must include all the needs of the user with dysfunction such as: parking, changing rooms, accesses, toilets, changing rooms, shaded area, etc.