Helicopter medical service (HEMS)

Helicopter medical service (HEMS)


Current operating bases

The helicopters currently available to the SEM are located in four parts of the Catalan territory. In Girona, at the Doctor Josep Trueta University Hospital; in Lleida, at the base of the Tremp SEM; in Tarragona, at the base of the SEM of Mora de Ebro; and in Barcelona, ​​at the Hospital Parc Taulí de Sabadell.
The service is managed by the company TAF Helicopters.

Helicopters are very versatile aircraft that can land almost anywhere that is large enough. In addition, in Catalonia there are 36 certified heliports, facilities that allow you to operate with greater safety.

Of the 36 Catalan heliports, 22 are in the province of Barcelona and six in Girona, while the provinces of Lleida and Tarragona have four each.

HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service)

For two years, the Medical Emergency System has had a HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) air medical team available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Having a medicalized helicopter at night (from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.) is a tool that guarantees equity in access to the public health system for the entire population of Catalonia, especially those in areas further away from hospitals and difficult to access by road.

Operational on the beaches

In the case of the beaches, the Helicopter allows you to reach any point of the coast very quickly. This possibility significantly improves service on beaches that have difficult access by road and where the ambulance service can take a long time to arrive.

For this reason, the SEM Helicopter becomes a very valuable element in critical situations, where the delay time of assistance is a determining factor in the result of the action.